The Air Force requires a score of at least 36 on the ASVAB if you are a high school graduate, or 65 if you have a GED.

The ASVAB has four main categories: General, Mechanical, Administrative, and Electrical. Each category has its own score, which is based on the results of the 8 different subtests. Each different career in the Air Force has different minimum requirements in one or more of the four main categories.

Here are the 8 different subtest categories, as well as the number of questions and time to complete each subtest:

Ordersort iconSubtestNumber of QuestionsTime Allowed
Test 1General Science (GS)2511 minutes
Test 2Arithmetic Reasoning (AR)3036 minutes
Test 3Word Knowledge (WK)3511 minutes
Test 4Paragraph Comprehension (PC)1513 minutes
Test 5Mathematics Knowledge (MK)2524 minutes
Test 6Electronics Information (EI)209 minutes
Test 7Auto and Shop Information (AS)2511 minutes
Test 8Mechanical Comprehension (MC)2519
Test 9Assembling Objects (AO)2020 minutes

And here you can see how each subtest fits into one (or more) of the four main categories:

Qualification AreaASVAB Subtests
General (G)Verbal Expression (WK + PC) and AR
Mechanical (M)MC, GS, and (2 x AS)
Administrative (A)CS and Verbal Expression (WK + PC)
Electrical (E)AR, MK, EI, and GS